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Screening and characterization of amylase producing bacteria from soil contaminated with cassava effluents from Abraka, Delta State

Research Paper | February 1, 2022

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Adomi O Patience

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.20( 2), 42-47, February 2022


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Amylases are starch hydrolyzing enzymes important in normal daily life and industry. There are different sources of amylase production however, enzymes derived from microorganisms are cheaper and thermos table among other features. The aim of this work was to isolate amylase producing bacteria from soil contaminated with cassava water effluents and to find out environmental/ optimization of amylase production. Soil samples were collected from four different sites. A total of 50 bacterial were isolated form soil samples, 14 showed area of clear zones on starch medium. Isolates that gave maximum yield of amylase were identified molecularly. The isolates were optimized for carbon sources, pH, nitrogen sources, incubation time, agro waste and chlorides. Biochemical and molecular analysis showed that Citrobacter sp and Enterobacter cloaca showed higher amylase activity. Glucose, nitrate, pH 7.0, magnesium chloride and temperature of 25oC produced maximum amylase. Plantain peel was the agro water that produced more amylase enzyme.


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Screening and characterization of amylase producing bacteria from soil contaminated with cassava effluents from Abraka, Delta State

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