Seasonal variations in the profile of sex steroids and ovarian development of catla (Catla catla, Hamilton) during the annual reproductive cycle

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Research Paper 01/01/2018
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Seasonal variations in the profile of sex steroids and ovarian development of catla (Catla catla, Hamilton) during the annual reproductive cycle

Sumrin Sahar, Shafaq Fatima, Khalid Lone
Int. J. Biosci.12( 1), 350-355, January 2018.
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In South Asian carp culture, catla (Catla catla) is a major commercial species due to its higher growth, flesh quality and increased market demand. The present study investigated monthly variations in ovarian development and profiles of important steroids such as testosterone (T), 11-ketotestosterone (11-KT), estradiol-17β (E2), cortisol (C) and 17α-hydroxyprogesterone (17α-HP) during annual reproductive cycle of catla (age = 18–29 months) under semi-arid climatic conditions. Ovarian development commenced after winter solstice (December) concomitant with gradual increase in levels of T and E2. Profile of E2 was showed positive relationship with gonadosomatic index (GSI). Peaks of both parameters were observed in June (GSI: 8.03 ± 0.46%; E2: 0.41 ± 0.04ng/ml) showing major role of E2 in maturation of oocytes. Mature females were observed during May until June. Spawning was not observed in captivity however, ova could be extracted on manual stripping during June. An inverse relationship has been observed between profiles of T and 17α-HP over the study period. Highest value of 17α-HP was noted in March (0.99 ± 0.04ng/ml) while levels of T dropped significantly at same sample point. Highest levels of T were observed during April (0.35 ± 0.03ng/ml), which gradually dropped afterwards. Highest levels of 11-KT were observed during June presumably indicating its role in growth of oocytes diameter thus increasing the GSI. Levels of C remained high over most of the study period except during maturation when concentration of T and E2 was higher.


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