Seaweed wonders: Phytochemical, antibacterial property and burn wound healing effect of Nagkayasan (Chaetomorpha crassa) extract vaseline based ointment

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Research Paper 06/06/2023
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Seaweed wonders: Phytochemical, antibacterial property and burn wound healing effect of Nagkayasan (Chaetomorpha crassa) extract vaseline based ointment

Andy L. Catulin, Jane R. Sambrana
J. Bio. Env. Sci.22( 6), 12-20, June 2023.
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This study aimed to determine the phytochemical, antibacterial property and wound healing effect of Nagkayasan (Chaetomorpha crassa) Vaseline based ointment in induced wound on Sprague Dawley rats. The experiment was laid using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) in four treatments with three replicates each. In treatment 1, rat wounds were given a 0.1g of Nagkayasan antiseptic ointment. In treatment 2, rat was also given a 0.2g of Nagkayasan antiseptic ointment, in treatment 3, rat wound are left untreated. In treatment 4, rat wound were given a positive control which is the Mupirocin. Wound length among groups are gathered, properly recorded and analyzed. As to toxicity and dermal irritation evaluation of the Nagkayasan antiseptic ointment, the animals were observed for behavioural and clinical changes. The animals were found to be normal during the observation period and exhibited none of the previously mentioned changes. Results on the measured wound contraction of the wounds showed that there is significant on day 3 observation but not significant on day 6, day 9 and day 12. Likewise, the presence of seven secondary metabolites in Nagkayasan seaweed and the susceptibility of the two test pathogens E. coli and S. aureus on Nagkayasan Vaseline based ointment is a proved that the seaweed has antiseptic property.


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