Seed germination and early growth of Jimsonweed as affected by biophysical priming techniques

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Research Paper 01/03/2015
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Seed germination and early growth of Jimsonweed as affected by biophysical priming techniques

Sahar Baser Kouchebagh, Bahram Mirshekari
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 3), 219-225, March 2015.
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Seed priming has been reported to enhance growth of plants. To evaluate the effect of some physical seed priming materials (ultrasonic, gamma, beta and laser irradiation, magnetic field and hydro-priming) on seed germination and growth of Jimsonweed a laboratory experiment was conducted at Islamic Azad University of Tabriz branch, using completely randomized design, with three replicates. The results revealed that the highest seed germination percent took place in seeds treated with Mean comparisons for germination percentage also revealed that seeds treated with gamma irradiation resulted in higher germination percentage of (83%). Lowest germination percentages (44%) were observed for exposure of seeds to ultrasonic Higest seedling vigor index was obtained when seeds primed with gamma irradiation for 10 min. (135.4). and lowest from beta irradiation seed treatment (0.31)It may be concluded that Jimsonweed producers could improve seed germination percent by priming the seed with magnetic field for 15 minutes.


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