Seed germination improvement of Satureja khuzistanica and S. rechingeri (Lamiaceae) as valuable endemic medicinal species from Iran

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Research Paper 01/08/2015
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Seed germination improvement of Satureja khuzistanica and S. rechingeri (Lamiaceae) as valuable endemic medicinal species from Iran

M. Afzalifar, Hasan Ghorbani ghozhdi, Maryam Pezhmanmehr, J. Hadian
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.7( 2), 93-99, August 2015.
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The objective of this study was to enhance seed germination of two valuable and endemic medicinal species, Satureja khuzistanica and S. rechingeri, which commonly have low percentage and rate of germination. For this purpose, a factorial experiment in randomized complete design (RCD) with three replications each consisted of 20 seeds, was performed under laboratory conditions. The efficacy of different seed treatments including various concentrations of GA3 (250, 350 and 500 ppm), cold stratification (at 5 ºC for 7 and 14 days), soaking (24h in water), KNO3 (1 and 3%), alone or in combination with each other, on seed germination of both species was studied. The highest germination percentage and germination rate was observed in both species at low concentration of GA3 (250 ppm), followed by chilling stratification at 5 ºC for 7 days. Increase in GA3 concentration or period of cold stratification decreased the percentage and rate of germination in both species. Also soaking in water for 24h significantly enhanced germination percentage and germination rate of both species compare to control.


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