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Seed priming effect on yield and yield components of some bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars under rainfed conditions of Egypt

Research Paper | September 1, 2017

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Fatma Ibrahim Mohamed Abd EL-Ghany, Ashraf Nour El-Sadek, Ali Nawar, Mohamed Abd El-Hammed Attia, Abla Mohmed Dessouky, Ahmed Mahgoub Shaalan

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Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.11( 3), 68-76, September 2017


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Low annual rainfall and long dry spells are the major reasons of wheat low yield in the North Western Coast of Egypt (NWCZ). The present study aims to improve the wheat productivity under rainfed conditions by evaluating the effectiveness of using osmo priming technique yield and yield components of some bread wheat cultivars. Three osmo-priming treatments of 0 ,30 and 60 CaCl2 mg/L and four wheat cultivars were used in the first season of 2014/2015 i.e., Sakha 93, Misr 1 , Giza 168 and Gemmiza11, and two more cultivars i.e.,  Sakha 94 and Sids 12 were included in the second season (2015/2016). Results showed that there was a significant difference among the tested cultivars for most of the studied parameters. In the first season, Gemmiza 11 had the highest significant values of plant height, 1000 grain yield, grain, straw and biological yields. However, in the second season, Giza 168 produced the highest grain yield, biological yield, Osmo priming was more effective under the severe drought condition i.e. first season as compared to the moderate drought condition in the  second season.  Soaking the seeds in a solution of CaCl2 at 60 Mg/L increased wheat grain yield  by 33.73 % over the control in the first season .In the second season, the same treatment produced  the highest values of 1000 grains weight (42.22 g), grain yield (860.18 Kg/ha), straw yield (1491 Kg/ha) and biological yield (2361.2Kg/h) as compared to the control .It can be concluded that osom-priming can be used to increase the productivity of wheat under low rainfall conditions.


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Seed priming effect on yield and yield components of some bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars under rainfed conditions of Egypt

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