Seed Priming: Technology to improve Wheat Growth under Abiotic Stress Conditions

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Research Paper 01/07/2016
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Seed Priming: Technology to improve Wheat Growth under Abiotic Stress Conditions

Saman Rafique Mirza, Noshin Ilyas, Nazima Batool, Roomina Mazhar, Fatima Bibi, Sidra Kanwal, Maimoona Saeed
Int. J. Biosci.9( 1), 268-275, July 2016.
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This study was conducted to check the role of seed priming in relation to wheat plant abiotic stress tolerance. Seeds of wheat cultivars NARC-2009 and NARC-2011 were surface sterilized and Halo, osmo and hydro priming methods were used, afterwards seed was allowed to germinate. Water stress was induced by  with holding water for nine days, salinity  induced by increasing salt in irrigation water for seven days and heat stress was induced by applying 40oC temperature treatment. Abiotic stresses influenced root length, shoot length, fresh weight and leaf area of wheat plant but seed priming ameloriated negative impacts of stress. The best treatment in drought and heat stress condition with 39% and 35% increased in root length was hydropriming. The most actual priming treatment under high salt condition was 5mM KNO3 priming which increased root length up to 40%. Seed priming helped plant to alleviate determintal effect of different abiotic stresses.


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