Selecting the best place for accumulation of wastes of angouran lead and zinc mine by using analytical hierarchy process and GIS package

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Research Paper 01/10/2014
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Selecting the best place for accumulation of wastes of angouran lead and zinc mine by using analytical hierarchy process and GIS package

Masoumeh Hosseini, Hossein Pirkharrati, Ehsan alizadeh
J. Bio. Env. Sci.5( 4), 573-578, October 2014.
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Extent of lands affected by mining activities including waste accumulation areas grows gradually. So it is increasingly necessary to enforce the revival of mines. Gangues from mineral mining and purification factories are environmental problems of mining. Select a suitable location for the accumulation of these substances not only from environmental perspective but also from technical and economic point of view is significant. Gangue dam constructions in optimal locations not only cause reduction in environmental problems but also decrement costs that must be spent to solve the created problems from economic aspect. In this paper, important criteria in locating are considered. Ultimately by using analytic hierarchy process (AHP), these criteria were weighted. After weighting, criteria in order to spatial analysis entered to the Geographic Information System (GIS). At the end, the integration of all the weights with each other, Locations for accumulation of gangues were identified. The result indicates that selected location with using the integrated method and location of the accumulation of waste are conformed.


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