Sensitivity analysis of energy consumption of durum wheat production

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Research Paper 01/07/2015
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Sensitivity analysis of energy consumption of durum wheat production

Mohammd Davoud Heidari, Hossein Mobli, Mahmoud Omid, Shahin Rafiee, Vahid Jamali Marbini
J. Bio. Env. Sci.7( 1), 413-422, July 2015.
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In this study, energy use pattern for durum wheat production in three provinces of Iran, (Khuzestan, Fars and Kerman) was analysed and compared. Data were obtained from 90 farmers using a face to face questionnaire based on random sampling method. Sensitivity analysis of durum wheat operations was carried out using the marginal physical productivity (MPP) technique and partial regression coefficients on output energy. The collected data belonged to the production period of 2012-2013 with the following results obtained. The energy use efficiency varied from 1.64 for Khuzestan to 2.08 for Fars provinces. The results revealed the main difference between the energy consumption in these provinces comes from electricity and chemical fertilizers. The econometric model evaluation showed that the impact of sowing operation in Khuzestan and Fars and impact of fertilization operation in Kerman was significantly positive on output energy. The sensitivity analysis of energy consumption indicated that among the significant operations, sowing and fertilization had the highest MPP values in Khuzestan, Fars and Kerman provinces, respectively. Using renewable energy sources for electricity production, irrigation scheduling, improving the efficiency of water use and using manure instead of chemical fertilizer are some practices to obtain more energy efficiency.


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