Separation and pre concentration of Co (II) from water samples with impregnated resin containing 1, 4-diaminoantraquinone

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Research Paper 01/07/2014
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Separation and pre concentration of Co (II) from water samples with impregnated resin containing 1, 4-diaminoantraquinone

Fatemeh Abedi, Reyhaneh Emamian, Atefeh Mohammadian, Alireza, Motavalizadehkakhky, Jamshid Mehrzad, Zohreh Ebrahimi, Zohreh Emrani
J. Bio. Env. Sci.5( 1), 243-248, July 2014.
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A new study for separation and pre concentration of Co(II) in water samples was done using adsorbant solid phase containing amberlit resin XAD-16 that impregnated with ligand; 1,4-diamino antraquinone. The solid phase was packed into mini column (10cm length and 5mm diameter) and water sample containing Co (II) was passed through the column. Then, adsorbed ions were eluted using HCl (2M) as eluent and subsequent determination was done with flame atomic absorption spectrometer (FAAS).For access to the highest recovery, various parameters such as PH, ionic strength, type of eluent, sample flow rate and eluent flow rate were optimized. In this manner, the recovery obtained was quantitative (95%) and LOD (3Sb/m), RSD were obtained 1.2 ×10-9 M, 3.2% respectively.


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