Serum TNF-a response to an acute bout of exercise in middle-aged men with chronic asthma

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Short Communications 01/04/2013
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Serum TNF-a response to an acute bout of exercise in middle-aged men with chronic asthma

Sohaily Shahram, Shafabakhsh Sayyed Rafi, Kaboli Mohamadzaman, Parsian Heshmatolah
J. Bio. Env. Sci.3( 4), 102-106, April 2013.
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In order to investigate whether short term exercise test can lead to improve inflammatory state, fifteen middle-aged men with mild to moderate asthma with mean age 39.6 ± 7.9 years (mean+/-s.e.m.) were enrolled to participate in this study by accessible sampling. For this purpose, blood samples were collected before and immediately after a cycling exercise test in order to determine serum TNF-α response to exercise test in studied subjects. Student’s t-tests for paired samples were performed to determine whether there is a signigcant change in the outcomes. The data showed a significant decrease in serum TNF-α by exercise test when compared to pre-test. Based on this data, we conclude that moderate exercise even one session cycling for short-time can be improved systemic inflammation in asthma patients.


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