Sexual behavior and fertility of male rats following subacute hemi-orchidectomy

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Research Paper 15/04/2015
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Sexual behavior and fertility of male rats following subacute hemi-orchidectomy

I. Sulaiman, M.A. Mabrouk, L.H. Adamu, G.M. Dissi
Int. J. Biosci.6( 8), 1-8, April 2015.
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This study was conducted to investigate the sub-acute response of testicular size, body weight, fertility and mating indices in hemi-orchiectomy induced suppression of testosterone levels (<0.5 ng/mL) among adult male Wistar rats (Four months old). Libido, fertility and extended implication of the procedure on F1 generation were also observed. After exposure to relevant experimental procedure, each of the male rats was housed with a proven female breeder to assess mating and fertility indices. Obtained data was statistically analyzed by analysis of variance. Hemi-orchidectomy resulted in compensatory increase in testosterone secretion due to contralateral testicular hypertrophy, mating and fertility indices of hemi-orchidectomized and fully orchidectomized rats were 80%:60% and 20%:0% respectively. The male progeny belonging to F1 generation showed no sign of infertility. The findings suggest that hemi-orchidectomy induces sudden compensatory testicular hypertrophy, immediate Loss of fertility after full orchidectomy, diminished libido rather than complete loss of libido occurs. In conclusion, number of offspring delivery is independent of testosterone level, however testosterone level and its interference with the complex modifications in the hypothalamo-hypophyseal secretions are involved in the central control of male sexual activity.


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