Sexual Dimorphism, Growth Rate, and Condition Factor Dynamics in Glossogobius celebius (Perciformes: Gobiidae)

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Research Paper 01/06/2022
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Sexual Dimorphism, Growth Rate, and Condition Factor Dynamics in Glossogobius celebius (Perciformes: Gobiidae)

Nikki Bryce C. Roque, Marz Linnaeous L. Rabadon, Mark Nell C. Corpuz
Int. J. Biosci.20( 6), 1-10, June 2022.
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There is a paucity of information concerning diminutive gobies in the Philippines. Sexual dimorphism in Celebes goby Glossogobius celebius (Valenciennes, 1837) was described based on the external morphology of the specimens from Orani river systems, Bataan, Philippines. The mean body size of females was larger than males but not significantly different (p > 0.05). The principal component analysis identified the longer snout-to-2nd dorsal fin length, snout-to-anal fin length, and deeper body of females, while males have longer median fins (anal fin and 2nd dorsal fin). Multivariate analysis of variance examined significant variation among and between the sex and maturity groups (Pillai trace = 1.52, F= 13.98, p < 0.001). In canonical variate analysis, a significant morphological deviation between immature and mature specimens is primarily explained by more posteriorly-located anal fin and 2nd dorsal fin, and longer 2nd dorsal fin by the latter. Moreover, the difference between sexes of mature specimens was evident in males having a more elongated 2nd dorsal fin. The observed variation can be attributed to developmental priorities (maturation-related morphology) and the health status of the specimens. Both sexes displayed statistically isometric growth rate (male b = 2.99; female b = 3.03). The relative condition factor (K) was closed to a K-value of 1.00, indicating a state of well-being for the collected fish specimens.


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