Single drop scanometry, Determination of cyanide in water in the various color spaces

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Research Paper 01/05/2016
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Single drop scanometry, Determination of cyanide in water in the various color spaces

Abdolreza Khajehzadeh, Tahere Ghaedian, Farzaneh Barani, Zahra Sadeghi Mazidi
J. Bio. Env. Sci.8( 5), 1-15, May 2016.
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In this study, the application of new and simple single drop scanometric method was described for determination of cyanide as alternative for visible spectrophotometric method. Cyanide ion reacts with the methyl violet and causes a decrease in the color intensity of solution. In the single drop scanometry, color intensity of one droplet of solution was measured with color analyzing software in the various color models such as RGB, CMYK, HSV and XYZ. In the proposed method, characterization of single drop was done with potassium permanganate 0.001 M solution and pixel sampling box location, droplet location, glass plate location and image format were studied and optimized. This method has a linear range 5–12 mM with a limit of detection of 2.3 mM for CN- ions. The developed method was successfully applied to the determination of cyanide in the mineral waters with acceptable results.


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