Socio-Demographic and Economic Profile of Vegetable Growers in Piat, Cagayan Valley

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Research Paper 01/03/2022
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Socio-Demographic and Economic Profile of Vegetable Growers in Piat, Cagayan Valley

Michael M. Uy, Ursola G. Uy
Int. J. Biosci.20( 3), 193-198, March 2022.
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The study was conducted at Piat, Cagayan, Philippines from January 2021 to September 2021 to determine the socio-demographic profile, socio-economic profile and problems encountered by the vegetable growers. Descriptive research was adopted in the study. The researcher used the questionnaire as the main instrument in data gathering. It was observed that the vegetable growers are elementary graduates with an age bracket ranging from 31-40 years old. Based on the above findings, farmers should participate and be a member of such organizations to help them in marketing their products at a higher price. The vegetable growers’ socio-economic status can be improved more by attending such training or seminars and looking into the possibility of adopting suitable technologies that will lessen the costs of their inputs to gain higher income.


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