Somatic embryogenesis from leaf & petiole explants of some Rosa hybrida L. cultivars

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Research Paper 01/12/2014
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Somatic embryogenesis from leaf & petiole explants of some Rosa hybrida L. cultivars

Behrooz Pirniakan, Siamak Kalantari, Mesbah Babalar
Int. J. Biosci.5( 11), 1-7, December 2014.
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In this study, somatic embryogenesis of four Rosa hybrida L. cultivars, including BlackMagic, HotLady, Audio and Eldorado, from leaf and petiole explants in invitro condition was investigated. Explants were taken in April and cultivated in MS medium. A combination of 2,4-D+BA and NAA+KIN were applied for callus induction. For somatic embryogenesis the ½ MS medium containing hormonal combination of 2,4-D, BA, NAA, KIN and GA3 were used. The highest callus production was obtained from petiole explant, Audio cultivar and hormonal combination of NAA+KIN. The highest and lowest percentage of embryogenesis were manifested in HotLady and Eldorado cultivars, respectively. A hormonal treatment consisting of 0.5mg/l BA+0.3mg/l 2,4-D led to the highest rate of embryogenesis. Petiole explants led to a statistically significant (p<0.05) greater somatic embryogenesis.


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