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Some Arthroplenoid Collembola (Insecta: Apterygota) from Rajshahi University Campus, Bangladesh

Research Paper | February 1, 2022

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Nur Mohammad, Md. Shahinur Islam, Nurul Islam, Saiful Islam Faruki

Key Words:

Int. J. Biosci.20( 2), 268-276, February 2022

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12692/ijb/20.2.268-276


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Collembola are wingless insects that are widespread and pervasive. These are small agricultural pests, but their impact as biological agents in the soil formation process is enormous. Many species of collembolan have become well-known bio-indicators of soil contamination and fertility. In the present study, Collembola were collected from different natural habitats in the Rajshahi University campus area. From this study, the following arthroplenoid collembolan genera were identified: Lepidocyrtus sp. and Salina sp., which belong to the families Entomobryidae and Paronellidae. In this work, the morphological description with morphometrics, as well as the habitat of those genera, are discussed.


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Some Arthroplenoid Collembola (Insecta: Apterygota) from Rajshahi University Campus, Bangladesh

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