Sowing date evaluation on phenological traits of canola genotypes under warm and semi arid climate (Ahvaz region)

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Research Paper 01/02/2015
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Sowing date evaluation on phenological traits of canola genotypes under warm and semi arid climate (Ahvaz region)

Mohammad Khayat, Abdolamir Rahnama, Shapoor Lorzadeh, Shahram Lack
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 2), 114-120, February 2015.
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Evaluating the phenological traits of rapeseed crop provides the ability to manage planting based on optimal compatibility to the environmental condition. Thus, experiment on the basis of split plot arrangement in randomized complete block Design was conducted in 2005-2006 agronomic season. Experiment was done, with 4 planting date (Nov, 6 and 21, Dec, 6, 21) as the main plot and 4 rapeseed genotypes (Hyola 401, Pp401, R.G.S.003, Option 500) as the subplots. Because of being synchronous of main stage of development with final heart season in late planting, cause that first planting date made a better yield compare with other planting date. Hyola 401 Hybrid germinated in shortest time (7.9 day) had the highest flowering duration (21.3 day) and was the earliest ripening genotype (138.1 day). Finally according to the results of this research, sowing Hyola 401 Hybrid in 6 Nov as suitable planting date was recommended.


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