Spatial pattern of community noise level in Bahawalpur City

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Research Paper 01/02/2018
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Spatial pattern of community noise level in Bahawalpur City

Mehtab Ahmed Khan, Sajid Noor, Humayun Ashraf, Ghani Rahman, Muhammad Miandad, Shoaib Khalid, Umayya Zafar
J. Bio. Env. Sci.12( 2), 133-140, February 2018.
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Like many other problems in urban areas, noise pollution in the city of Bahawalpur is emerging as a major threat to the health and peace of the resident. In order to understand noise level intensity and distribution pattern, the current study is focusing on the level of noise pollution in the selected points along the major roads in the city during various peak hours of the working day. For this purpose level of noise pollution was measured on the twenty five various localities in the city using sound level meter. The primary data was represented on the map by using the Inverse Distance Weighting Technique showing the level of noise pollution of the nodal points in the city. Pattern of noise pollution indicates that there is a strong relationship between the number of vehicles and the level of noise pollution in the city. It was found that the noise level was higher along the nodal points having more traffic flow during the peak hours. Current study reveals that the level of noise pollution is high on the selected localities as compared to the environmental standards of environmental protection agency. The study is helpful in determining the peak hours of traffic which makes these localities more vulnerable for noise pollution.


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