Spatial variation of soil organic carbon in damavand rangelands

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Research Paper 01/09/2014
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Spatial variation of soil organic carbon in damavand rangelands

M. Dadgar, E. Zandi Esfahan, M.R. Sheykh Rabiee
J. Bio. Env. Sci.5( 3), 72-77, September 2014.
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Sustainable management of ecosystems requires the understanding and evaluation of spatial and temporal variations of its characteristics for the optimal and sustainable utilization of resources. For this purpose, understanding the spatial distribution of soil properties is of utmost importance. Therefore, the present research was aimed to investigate the spatial variation of soil organic carbon in a part of Damavand Rangelands. In this regard, soil sampling was performed from 0-30 cm soil depth and the amount of soil organic carbon, total nitrogen content, the percentage of clay, sand and silt, pH, and bulk density was measured. To investigate the spatial variations, geostatistical methods including Ordinary Kriging (OK), Cokriging, and Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) were evaluated. Cross Validation technique and statistical parameters of RMSE, MAE and MBE were also used. According to the results, spherical model was selected as the best-fit model for the semi-variogram of organic carbon with an effective radius of 1500 meters, a nugget effect of 0.02% and a sill of 0.025%. In the cokriging method, clay content was used as a covariable for predicting SOC (P< 0.01, r= 0.838**( . According to the variogram analysis, a spherical model with an effective radius of 1000 meters, a nugget effect of 0.085% and a sill of 0.165 was selected. The correlation coefficient of the model was calculated to be 0.084. The obtained results showed that the cokriging method had smaller errors (RMSE=0.1020) as compared to the other two methods. Therefore, this method was used for mapping soil organic carbon.


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