Species composition of benthic macroalgae in the coastal areas of Surigao City, Philippines

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Research Paper 01/04/2021
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Species composition of benthic macroalgae in the coastal areas of Surigao City, Philippines

Louella S. Degamon, Rose Ann S. Bukid, Frances Love C. Caulin, Remedios M. Adanza
J. Bio. Env. Sci.18( 4), 19-26, April 2021.
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This study aimed to determine the species composition of the benthic macroalgae in relation to the environmental parameters in one of the coastal areas in Surigao City, Philippines. It is conducted along the coasts of Barangay Day-asan with established three stations. The macroalgae species were observed and collected using line transect method. The water quality parameters were obtained in situ using water quality apparatus and the species composition were determined through diversity indices such as Shannon H, dominance and evenness and abundance. There were six (6) species observed in the study site. Sargassum polycystum is the most abundant and is present in three stations. As to diversity indices, the benthic macroalgae has a moderate category in terms of Shannon H, low dominance and almost a uniform distribution of species in all three stations. The coastal water parameters of Barangay Day-asan passed the DAO standards and still within the limits and ranges based on the diversity indices of Shannon H, dominance and evenness. Depth has a strong correlation to Codium fragile and pH to Amphiroa fragillissima and Halimeda opuntia. As indicated by the diversity indices of the benthic macroalgae species composition, the coastal water of Barangay Day-asan has still a suitable environmental condition for their growth. Hence, it is recommended to have strong information, education and communication environmental campaign and policies for locals and tourists as ecotourism starts to kick off in the locality to ensure sustainable conservation and protection of the natural environment with benthic macroalgae as good bioindicators.


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