Study of aquatic ornithological biodiversity in Setif (Algeria)

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Research Paper 30/07/2022
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Study of aquatic ornithological biodiversity in Setif (Algeria)

Noureddine Laadel, Cyntia Mekideche, Mustapha Bounechada, Chekor Radhia, Akram Kout, Fethi Bensebaa, Abdelmalek Oulmi, Zouhir Boulgueraguer, Abderrezak Achacha, Nadia Benzidane
Int. J. Biosci.21( 1), 263-267, July 2022.
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The region of Setif is rich in wetlands which represent habitats populated by a considerable ornithological biodiversity. This has an economic and ecological importance. In this study we tried to make an inventory of aquatic birds and make an analysis of the ornithological fauna of the wetlands prospected in the Setif area. This allowed us to draw up an inventory representing the species collected during the year 2019-2020. The results made it possible to highlight the presence of showing the species status of 29,652 individuals of waterbirds listed in 32 species and 12 families. The most representative of which are Anatidae, Charadriidae and Scolopacidae and the Grebes, more than 3 species for each family. There is a diversity of diet, habitat and lifestyle. Our study allowed us to find that in this study area there is a dominance Trophic category polyphagous by 16 species on consumers of invertebrates represented by 8 species. For only 1 species for the other trophic category.


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