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Study of blood groups and Rhesus factor in beta thalassemia patients undergoing blood transfusions

Research Paper | December 30, 2021

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Maha Tareq Hussein

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Int. J. Biomol. & Biomed.13( 6), 1-6, December 2021


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Beta thalassemia is the most common genetic blood disease, affecting millions of people in both developing and developed countries including Iraq. Patients with thalassemia require frequent blood transfusions, which can cause a variety of complications. Several researches have looked into the link between ABO blood groups and diseases. The associations of ABO blood group with thalassemia have not been extensively studied. In order to know the prevalence of thalassemia according to age, gender and blood group frequency, a study was conducted on 200 individuals, 100 of them were a control sample, which was considered a standard sample, while the rest 100 individuals were infected with beta thalassemia. The study aims to find out any relationship between the frequency of blood group phenotypes and susceptibility to thalassemia compared to the control sample. Our findings indicate that the prevalence of thalassemia was higher in female patients than in male patients. Found in the lowest age group 15-19 years. There was a significant difference (P 0.05) in the frequency of ABO blood groups that was O > B > A > AB. A significant difference of Rh factor (P<0.01) was found in the patients compared with the control group. The current study indicated the importance of the studied blood groups, as they are sources for detecting the risks of inheriting beta thalassemia or the variability in the likelihood of its appearance, and they can be used with other laboratory tests in genetic counseling.


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Study of blood groups and Rhesus factor in beta thalassemia patients undergoing blood transfusions

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