Study of occupational health and safety conditions of a sugar mill in Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/07/2017
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Study of occupational health and safety conditions of a sugar mill in Pakistan

Syeda Amber Fatima, Isra Shahid
J. Bio. Env. Sci.11( 1), 97-104, July 2017.
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An occupational hazard is usually a situation that has enough potential to damage workers. There are two types of occupational hazards i.e. health hazards and safety hazards. Some occupational health and safety hazards are expected in sugar mills including health irritants such as high noise, bagasse dust and fly ash. Environmental monitoring of different parameters in different sections of industry was carried out during three selected months. A questionnaire and checklist was made according to occupational safety and health standard in order to evaluate occupational health and safety conditions in industry. Hazard identification and risk assessment was done to point out occupational safety conditions at the sugar industry. The results of environmental monitoring showed that noise level during was high in most of the sections of industry. Noise level of packing house and turbine section in January was 93.3dB and 95.4dB. Temperature of boiler section was exceeding the standard value during study period. Humidity level was within the range except in process house and packing house in January and March. The level of particulate matter was higher when compared to NEQS standards. However in January the level of particulate matter of packing and boiler section was 656µg/m³and 560µg/m³ while in March the particulate matter in packing house was also high. The drinking water quality parameters were in compliance with WHO standards. The results revealed that health and safety committee was not present in the sugar industry to keep check and balance.


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