Study on biological spectrum of Madhav National Park, Shivpuri Madhya Pradesh India

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Research Paper 01/03/2014
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Study on biological spectrum of Madhav National Park, Shivpuri Madhya Pradesh India

Sanjay Singh Chauhan, Avinash Tiwari, Muzamil Ahmad Sheikh, Sangeeta Sharma
J. Bio. Env. Sci.4( 3), 258-262, March 2014.
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The present study was carried out to understand the Biological spectrum of the flora of Madhav National Park. A total of 65 species, 59 genera belonging 41 families were estimated from the study area. Leguminaceae was the dominant family (10.60%) recorded under present investigation. The major class of life form was found to be Phanerophytes (Ph = 63.07%), Chamaephytes (Ch = 18.46%), Hemicryptophyte (He = 13.84%), Cryptophytes (Cr =1.53%) and Therophytes (Th = 3.07) were represented by 41, 12, 9, 1 and 2 species respectively. Most of the plant species had flowering and fruiting in rainy season, followed by summer season and very few species in winter season.


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