Study on Fish biodiversity of some landing sites and markets of Barpeta District, Assam, India

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Research Paper 05/08/2023
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Study on Fish biodiversity of some landing sites and markets of Barpeta District, Assam, India

Runu Swargiary, Chiranjit Baruah
Int. J. Biosci.23( 2), 133-138, August 2023.
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In a study conducted in the Barpeta district of Assam, India, 60 species of fishes belonging to 9 orders and 23 families were identified. Data collection was done by survey of landing sites and markets and information collected from fishermen. Order wise abundance of fish species are Osteoglossiformes 02; Clupeiformes 01; Cypriniformes 22; Characiformes 01; Siluriformes 15; Cyprinodontiformes 01; Synbranchiformes 01; Perciformes 16; Tetraodontiformes 01. The family Cyprinidae had the highest number of 20 species followed by the family Bagridae with 6 species and Channidae with 4 species. Most species were used as food and some species had ornamental values also.


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