Study the efficacy of Rhizophora mucornata Poir. leaves for diabetes therapy in long evans rats.

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Research Paper 01/05/2011
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Study the efficacy of Rhizophora mucornata Poir. leaves for diabetes therapy in long evans rats.

Mezba Ul Gaffar, M Alam Morshed, Azim Uddin, Saurov Roy, JMA Hannan.
Int. J. Biomol. & Biomed.1( 1), 20-26, May 2011.
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Hypoglycemic effects were investigated in the ethanol extract of leaves of Rhizophora mucornata on Long Evans rats. Gut perfusion and six segments studies were carried out to assess these activities. In the gut-perfusion study the percentage of glucose absorption in control rats vs. rats fed with 250 mg/kg extracts were observed at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes and the significant (p<0.05) absorption result was found at 15 minutes, which was 35.87 vs. 57.29. The percentage of absorption was found better with 250 mg/kg than 500 mg/kg dose level. The six-segment study was performed to assess the amount of sucrose remaining in the GIT at six different positions. The amount sucrose unabsorbed in different GIT segments showed that in control rats vs. rats fed with 500mg/kg extract at 30 minutes in mmol/l was 0.120 vs. 0.135 which were gradually abating with time dependent manner at 60, 180, and 360 minutes in mmol/l. These results suggest that ethanol extract of leaves of Rhizophora mucornata has significant dose dependant anti-diabetic effects which may be effective in the treatment of diabetes.


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