Studying relationship between soil and increment of Cupresuss sempervirens L.var horizontalis plantation at geographical directions in behshahr (north) of Iran

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Research Paper 01/11/2013
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Studying relationship between soil and increment of Cupresuss sempervirens L.var horizontalis plantation at geographical directions in behshahr (north) of Iran

Hassan Kalantari, Asghar Fallah, Seyyed Mohamad Hojati
J. Bio. Env. Sci.3( 11), 154-160, November 2013.
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The 40 ha -pure stand of Cupresuss sempervirens with 100*75 m inventory network using random-systematic sampling was selected. 50 sample plots with area of 200m2 for this study were measured in geographical directions. Diameter of all trees and height of main four trees were recorded in each sample plot and also statistical analysis was done using SPSS and Pc Ordination. Increment in west, northeast, northwest and southwest was recorded that the maximum increment of diameter; basal area, volume and height were found in west direction. Soil analysis showed bulk density, moisture, nitrogen and calcium of litter fall, soil calcium, acidity and fine roots in different layers of soil are the main characteristics that have high correlation with increment in geographical directions in this region.


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