Studying the correlation and analyzing the path coefficient between grain weight and the traits related to remobilization of assimilates in bread wheat genotypes

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Research Paper 01/03/2014
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Studying the correlation and analyzing the path coefficient between grain weight and the traits related to remobilization of assimilates in bread wheat genotypes

Niknam Bahari, Bahman Bahari Bighdilu, Leila karpisheh
J. Bio. Env. Sci.4( 3), 303-308, March 2014.
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This research was conducted in a random block design with 3 replications in Ardabil in 2013 on 10 bread wheat genotypes to measure grain weight and determine its relation with few of traits related to grain weight and traits related to remobilization of assimilates to seed and study the correlation between traits and analyze it to causal relations in bread wheat. The statistical analysis of this design the following traits were measured: remobilization of stored materials, contribution of stem storage in yield, Eigen weight of stem at maturity, efficiency of carbohydrates transport, stem efficiency in storage transport and grain weight. The results from ANOVA showed that there was a significant difference between varieties for studied traits statistically. The results from average comparing showed that remobilization of stored materials among studied genotypes, just Alamout and Pishtaz were of 10 varieties of higher efficiency in carbohydrates transport. Contribution of stem storage varied from 9.14% in Pishtaz variety to 28.75% in Trakia variety. Gork79 was the lowest one in eigen weight of stem at physiological maturity and Konika 2002 was the highest one. Also considering remobilization of stored materials Trakia was the highest variety and Siosson was the lowest one. In addition, grain weight of Konika 2002 variety was the highest with 2495 mean and Alamout variety had the lowest grain weight. The relationship between remobilization of stored materials with contribution of stem storage in yield was positive and significant. Moreover, the relationship between carbohydrates transport efficiency with contribution of stored materials in stem to yield and eigen weight of stem at maturity was positive and significant. But the relationship between carbohydrates transport efficiency with stem efficiency to transport stored materials was negative and significant. And the relationship between grain weight and stem efficiency to transport stored materials was positive and significant. The results from multiple regressions in descending method showed that the remobilization of stored materials and contribution of stored materials to yield remained at regression model and remobilization of stored materials affected the grain weight directly and positively.


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