Studying the role of mosques and that curriculum in the development of education and science education in the Islamic world

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Research Paper 01/01/2015
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Studying the role of mosques and that curriculum in the development of education and science education in the Islamic world

Mikael Alipour, Mohammad Nemati Boukane, BanafshehAghajaniRikande
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 1), 730-736, January 2015.
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Islam has always been a tremendous importance to the education and nurturing of human beings is and the Holy Quran and the traditions and practices of the Prophet and Imams infallibles emphasis is on the importance of education the first mosque of Islam has always been a very critical role in the emergence of a thriving education and training of individuals responsible have Mosques can be the first place where Islam came to teach people to be expressed Pillar mosques basic Islamic teachings have higher education within the Muslim world have had a profound impact Science, science education, and the creation and expansion of the spiritual life and Worthy have a tremendous help. Curricula that have been performed in mosques Curricula that have been performed in mosques, legal and ethical advancement of science, including science and medicine and science, theology and literary interpretation and Astronomy Math and Geography and other disciplines are And highbrow prominent mosques have been developed In this article a descriptive – analytical role in the development of education and training of mosques in the Muslim world, has been studied and analyzed In this article a descriptive – analytical role in the development of education and training of mosques in the Islamic world, has been studied and analyzed.


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