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Sustainable Solution to reduce corrosion rate in mild steel using aqueous and organic extracts of Plants

Research Paper | February 1, 2018

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Ali Hamza Khalil, Dr. Misbah Ullah

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Int. J. Biosci.12( 2), 126-135, February 2018

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12692/ijb/12.2.126-135


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Three plants Sageretia thea, Calotropis procera and Cucumis melo were selected to investigate the corrosion inhibition potential against mild steel. Different test concentrations (0.05gm, 0.1gm and 0.3gm) of aqueous, methanol and ethanol extracts of the selected plants were tested in 2 Molar HCL Solution. The main and interactive effects of Plant type sample concentration and solvent used were studied using 33 factorial design of experiment with three replicates by taking readings at 12 hrs, 24 hrs and 48 hrs systematically. Weight loss measurements were considered enough to determine corrosion inhibition efficiency of the selected plants. Statistical results indicate that Main effect of plant type; Joint effect of plant type and extract used; and interaction effect of plant type, extract used and concentration level were found significant at 12 hrs and 24 hrs readings: Also Main Effect of Plant type; Joint effect of Plant type and extract used were found significant factors at 48 hrs readings in the corrosion control via used green resources. Percent weight loss was calculated for all the test samples. Our results indicate that aqueous and organic extracts of Sageretia thea, Calotropis procera and Cucumis melo have impressive anti-corrosion potential against mild steel resulting in remarkable inhibition efficiencies for the included plants.


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Sustainable Solution to reduce corrosion rate in mild steel using aqueous and organic extracts of Plants

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