Swot AHP approach for strategic development of Hiyung cayenne pepper commodity in Tapin Regency South Kalimantan Province

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Research Paper 01/05/2022
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Swot AHP approach for strategic development of Hiyung cayenne pepper commodity in Tapin Regency South Kalimantan Province

Meidy Harris Prayoga, Ahmad Alim Bahri, Yusuf Azis, Ahmad Yunani
Int. J. Biosci.20( 5), 67-77, May 2022.
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Tapin is one of the regencies in South Kalimantan Province, which has a comparative advantage over cayenne pepper. The commodity in question is cayenne pepper with the uniqueness of a very high level of spiciness compared to other varieties of cayenne pepper in Indonesia. To realize an increase in the economy of the community and the Tapin Regency area, a comprehensive business development strategy is needed for this commodity. The purpose of the study of the Hiyung Cayenne Pepper Commodity Development Strategy in Tapin Regency, in general, is to produce a comprehensive concept of the cayenne pepper commodity business development strategy that will have a positive impact on improving the community’s economy and the development of rural areas in Tapin Regency. The results showed that the development strategy of cayenne pepper commodity was directed at development priority areas, namely Candi Laras Utara, Candi Laras Selatan, and Tapin Tengah by implementing SO2 integrated partnership program model, SO3 branding strategy, and adding product variants in the form of derivative products and WO1 strategy promotion through social media.


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