Synthesis, characterization, identification and bioactivity of new transition-metal compounds from thiophene derivatives legand

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Research Paper 01/09/2018
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Synthesis, characterization, identification and bioactivity of new transition-metal compounds from thiophene derivatives legand

Eman Turky Shamkhy, Aseel Salah Mansoor
Int. J. Biosci.13( 3), 329-337, September 2018.
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A lot of consideration and investigation have been made to legends and its metal complexes due to its bioactivity against microbes and cancer cells. The aim of the study was to synthesize new legend and five metal complexes. In this study, 2-methyl thiophene (2MT) with  methyl hydrazinecarbodithioate (HC) were reacted to form the new legend and five metal salts were also used to synthesize five new metal complexes. Bioactivities to the new metal complexes were also achieved. New organic legend methyl (2E)-2-(thiophen-2-ylmethylidene) hydrazine carbodithioate (2MTHC) was successfully synthesized and five new organo-metalic compounds were also synthesized by reacting the legend with solution of metal slats of Nickel, Cadmium, Copper, Cobalt and Zinc. Characterization was achieved using various physico-chemical analyses to identify the novel organic legend and its transition-metal compounds. The melting point was ranged between 184 to 269 °C which indicate the complexation of the leeand with central positive ion of the metal, while the v(N-H) was not fond in metal complexes which indicate the complexation of the legend with the ions of the metals as well. New Schiff base legend and five new metal complexes were synthesized and characterized, the bioactivity of the new compounds were achieved against certain bacteria and microbes and it was found that the legend is more active than its metal complexes.


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