Tanaisia bragai Santos, 1934 (Eucotylidae: Tremaroda): A new host from kidney of (Turdoides striata, 1823 Leiothrichidae) at Sindh, Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/07/2020
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Tanaisia bragai Santos, 1934 (Eucotylidae: Tremaroda): A new host from kidney of (Turdoides striata, 1823 Leiothrichidae) at Sindh, Pakistan

Wali Muhammad Mangrio, Hakim Ali Sahito, Tasneem Kousar, Bhugro Mal, Zafar Hussain Shah, Faheem Ahmed Jatoi
Int. J. Biosci.17( 1), 223-231, July 2020.
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The current research work was conducted during the November to March, 2018-19 (winter/cold season) in response to takeout the internal visceral examination of the host bird T. striata, from different localities of District: Naushahro Feroze, Sindh, Pakistan. This species of social birds mostly found in association of 2-10 in groups. They are dirty in colour, strong yellow bill, less active but beneficial to agro-ecosystem to eat the insect pests but harbour diversity of parasites. A total of (n=10) host birds of Jungle babbler (Family: Leiothrichidae) thoroughly internal examination was done for the presence of the Trematode. A total of (n=48) specimens were recovered and all the hosts were found positive with digenean Trematode parasites belonging to family Eucotylidae: Trematodes were found from kidney of the host birds. The present findings of the internal examination revealed to report Jungle babbler kidney fluke T. bragai is a new host record. The present specimens are accredited first time from present host in Sindh- Pakistan.


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