Taxanomy of micro-invertebrates inhabiting in fresh water algal mats in ponds of Quetta City and Zhob District, Balochistan, Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/10/2019
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Taxanomy of micro-invertebrates inhabiting in fresh water algal mats in ponds of Quetta City and Zhob District, Balochistan, Pakistan

Bibi Safia, Shaista Hameed, Samiullah Khan, Anayat Ullah Khan, Yasmeen Rehmat, Nosheen Rafiq, Junaid Ahmad, Muhammad Zakria
Int. J. Biosci.15( 4), 62-69, October 2019.
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Microorganisms like micro invertebrates are the important living organisms of the world as well as having much importance for the ecosystem. The recent study focused the diversity and abundance of micro-invertebrates inhabiting in freshwater algal mats of freshwater ponds of Zhob District and Quetta City, Balochistan. The fresh water algal samples were collected between 10 am to 1pm during the year June-August 2017. For sampling technique free floating algal mats were collected in pre labeled dark glass bottles (400 mL) and brought to the laboratory in an ice box. The samples were preserved in 70% alcohol and 4% formaline in two different glass vials for taxonomy, to study diversity and abundance in freshwater bodies. The species were identified by standard taxonomic keys. In addition, during whole study different species were recorded and identified belonging to different orders and families at laboratory with their respective ratios. All the collected species showed fluctuation in each sample. The samples collected at Quetta also showed significant differences. The overall data describe that the specie range were high at warm temperature while low at cold temperature. The micro-invertebrates occur in all kinds of aquatic environment and play a key role in environmental pyramids.


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