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Research Paper | March 1, 2020

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Taxonomic classification and conservation status of pitcher plant species in selected areas of Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines

Nelson Taro Sanico, Aljon Selisana Andrade, Rex Bomvet Deleon Saura

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.16(3), 144-151, March 2020


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The endemic carnivorous pitcher plants remarkably increased its diversity in Philippines due to unending research discovery of the species and conservation measures applied to these plants. The current study aimed to identify and classify the observed Pitcher plant species vegetation in the steep sloping areas along the watershed river and swampy areas in Bucas Grande Island as well as to determine the conservation status of the said species. The obtained field data about the external morphological description of the pitcher plants species, descriptively matched to the known carnivorous pitcher plant species-Nepenthes mirabilis and Nepenthes merrilliana that are endemic carnivorous pitcher plant species in the country. The study concluded that there are two species of pitcher plant in Bucas Grande Island, Socorro which are Nepenthes mirabilis and Nepenthes merrilliana. N. merrilliana, however, is currently categorized as a vulnerable species which needs a careful monitoring for an appropriate conservation measures.


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Taxonomic classification and conservation status of pitcher plant species in selected areas of Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines

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