Taxonomic studies of pennate diatoms from Tehsil Landikotal, District Khyber, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/10/2018
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Taxonomic studies of pennate diatoms from Tehsil Landikotal, District Khyber, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Muhammad Irfan, Haroon Khan, Muhammad Faiz, Rashid Khan, Habib Ahmad, Naveesa Younis Sheikh, Sahib Khan, Nabeela, Mohammad Kamil, Muhammad Ilyas, Saif Ullah, Muhammad Ishaq
Int. J. Biosci.13( 4), 128-138, October 2018.
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The taxonomic study of tehsil Landikotal district Khyber, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan was conducted in order to find out the diversity of Pinnate Diatoms in fresh water lakes. The area having mountains, found natural water streams which flows throughout the year and are best reservoir of diatoms flora. Diatoms samples was collected from fresh water streams, cleaned and preserved in 4% formalin and identified with flora of Pakistan. A total of 17 taxa having 12 genera and 8 families were reported from the study area. Algal species such as Cymbella brehmii, Cymbella ventricosa, Cymbella prostrata, Epithemia zebra, Synedra tenera, Synedra ulna, Fragilaria construn, Gamphonema constrictum var Capitatum, Gamphonema ventricosum, Gamphonema olivaceum, Nitzchia commutate Nitzchia palea, Navicula tascula, Diploneis elliptica, Diatomma anceps, pinnularia gibba and Achnanths gibbrula. Cymbellaceae, Fragilariaceae, Gamphonemataceae and Naviculaceae are the largest families having three taxa each while Nitzchiaceae is the second largest family having two taxa followed by Achananthaceae, Diatomaceae and Rhopalodiaceae having one taxa each reported from the studied area. Keys at generic and specie level were presented. Based on our findings it is concluded that this area need more research to determine the diatoms flora.


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