The anti-inflammatory effect of acute exercise in asthma patients

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Research Paper 01/06/2011
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The anti-inflammatory effect of acute exercise in asthma patients

Eizadi Mojtaba, Kohandel Mahdi, kasbparast JR Mehdi, Sarshin Amir
Int. J. Biosci.1( 3), 100-106, June 2011.
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To investigate serum adiponectin response to acute cycling exercise and to determine the relationship between Changes in its levels with changes in respiratory function by exercise test. Venous blood samples and spirometry test were performed before and after a single bout l erogometer cycling exercise in order to measuring serum adiponectin, FEV1 and FVC in ninety middle-aged men (35. ±6 years mean ± standard deviation) with moderate asthma diagnosis that participated in this study by accessible sampling. Pre- to post training changes were determined by two-tailed t tests. The bivariate associations between changes in adiponectin concentrations with respiratory function were examined with the Pearson rank correlation analysis. Serum adiponectin was significantly increased in response to cycling exercise when compared with pretest (P < 0.05). FEV1 and FVC were also increased following by exercise test. After exercise test, serum adiponectin was positively correlated with FEVI (r= 0.83, p=0.000). These data suggest that exercise even for one session may be decrease systemic inflammation.


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