The creation of geo-tourism infrastructure and a strategy for conservation and sustainable development of Qeshm Geopark

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Research Paper 01/06/2015
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The creation of geo-tourism infrastructure and a strategy for conservation and sustainable development of Qeshm Geopark

Fatemeh Ghasemi, Mohammad Hasan Kashef
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 6), 601-608, June 2015.
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Geotourism is defined as geographical tourism which implicitly emphasizes geological and geomorphological features as the background of all human activities and geographical characteristics. However, it also has cultural and archaeological features and other tourist attractions with itself. Geopark is the remaining heritage of natural and human activities on the planet. Therefore, every country with more ancient history and greater geological complexities would have appropriate potential for development of this industry. Paying attention to the role of ecotourism and subsequently geotourism is essential for environmental protection and social responsibility in order to achieve sustainable development. In this study, the geotourism attractions of Qeshm Island are reviewed along with discussion of their impact on tourism development of Qeshm Island. In this regard, the present paper utilizes survey-based method and field studies to offer architectural solutions so as to develop proper architectural and civil infrastructures to attract geotourism. It also offers architectural and civil solutions to create proper infrastructures so as to attract, habilitate and transportation of tourists for realization of proper development of tourism so as to main the global geopark of Qeshm Island and guarantee the development of tourism.


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