The diversity of aquatic insects in Assam, North-East India: A Review

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Review Paper 13/07/2023
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The diversity of aquatic insects in Assam, North-East India: A Review

M. Danswrang Basumatary
Int. J. Biosci.23( 1), 230-240, July 2023.
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India is one of the world’s mega-biodiversity hotspot nations. A class of arthropods known as aquatic insects can be found on or on the surface of lacustrine or riverine ecosystems where they complete their life cycle in water bodies. Eight main insect orders live their whole lives in the freshwater habitat. The functioning of aquatic ecosystems is greatly influenced by aquatic insects. A significant diversity of aquatic insects, which is indicative of the strength and abundance of the aquatic ecosystem, may be found in the north-eastern section of India and various parts of Assam. In most of the research sites, it was discovered from the entire study that insects from the orders Odonata, Hemiptera, and Coleoptera were most prevalent, followed by those from the orders Diptera and Ephemeroptera. The studied locations are discovered to have the least amount of insects from the Orders Plecoptera, Trichoptera, Hymenoptera, and Collembola. In Northeast India and several parts of Assam, there were no records of aquatic insects from the Orders Neuroptera/Megaloptera and Lepidoptera.


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