The effect of different levels of auxin hormone at different irrigation intervals on yield components of broad bean

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Research Paper 01/11/2014
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The effect of different levels of auxin hormone at different irrigation intervals on yield components of broad bean

Seyed Adel Mavali Zade, Tayeb Saki Nejad, Mani Mojadam
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.5( 5), 85-96, November 2014.
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In order to study the effect of irrigation periods and different levels of auxin hormone on quantitative and qualitative yield of broad bean in weather conditions of Shadegan, a split plot experiment in the form of randomized complete block design with four replications was carried out in a field in Darkhovein region in the autumn of 2011. The main plots included three levels of irrigation (8, 14, and 20 days) during the growth stage and sub plots included three levels of auxin hormone (0, 100ppm, 200ppm). Data analysis showed that application of auxin hormone and the decrease of irrigation interval had a significant effect on grain yield, biological yield, 100-grain weight, number of pods per plant, pod weight, stalk weight, pod length, number of grains per pod, plant height, harvest index, number of fertile sub branches, leaf area index, and leaf area so that the maximum grain yield was obtained at irrigation interval of 8 days and application of 100ppm auxin (246.35 g/m2) and the minimum grain yield was obtained at irrigation interval of 20 days and control treatment without application of auxin (134.15 g/m2). The results of this experiment showed that in Shadegan weather conditions the use of treatment with 100ppm auxin and irrigation interval of 8 days would be recommended for obtaining an optimal yield.


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