The effect of GA3 on seed germination and early growth of lentil seedlings under salinity stress

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Research Paper 01/10/2013
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The effect of GA3 on seed germination and early growth of lentil seedlings under salinity stress

Fariba Shohani, Ali-Ashraf Mehrabi, Ramazan-Ali Khavarinegad, Zeinab Safari, Samira Kiani
Int. J. Biosci.3( 10), 27-32, October 2013.
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Seed germination is the most important sensitive stage to stress, so that early seedling growth and final crop yield can be inhibited by effects of salinity. The present experiment was developed in order to evaluate salinity effects and plant growth regulator (GA3) on seed germination in two lentil genotypes (Kimia and Ilam). Statistical analysis on germination characters and seedlings growth indicated that, salinity caused significant reduction on seeds germination rate and seedlings growth in both genotypes. TWC and RWC had been increased in seedlings following increase in salt concentration. However, results showed that inhibitory effects of salt on early growth of Kimia seedlings, that is significantly more than Ilam genotype. Regarding to the results, GA3 had stimulant effects on germination rate and root to shoot ratio in Kimia genotypes. Also, it is well known that using of GA3 had positive response for germination percentage, TWC and RWC at salinity stress.


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