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The effect of intermittent training on ghrelin and leptin in overweight female students

Research Paper | August 1, 2013

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Sohaily Shahram, Yadegari Elham, Faraji Gholamreza, Zand Alireza

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Int. J. Biosci.3( 8), 347-355, August 2013

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12692/ijb/3.8.347-355


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Increasing prevalence of obesity and its related diseases are the proper strategies in weight loss and it needed the recognition of the effective factors in weight gaining. Recently, the researchers have discovered some hormones, including ghrelin and leptin witched active the regulating of the energy balance and finally in regulating the body weight. The present study is to determine the effect of intermittent training on Ghrelin and leptin in overweight female students. Twenty overweight female students subject (BMI ≥ 25) were randomly assigned to two groups (intermittent training and control). The experimental training programs were performed three days a week for 12 weeks at a definite intensity and distance. Before and after 12 weeks intervention, Ghrelin, Leptin, weight and body composition, Vo2max was measured for all subjects. For statistical data analysis, the independent t-test of α=0.05 was applied. The result showed that intermittent training caused a significant increase in Ghrelin and Vo2max, significant decrease in Leptin, weight and body composition of the experimental group in comparison to control group. Apparently, intermittent training not only reduces the fat mass but also impacts the secretion of leptin. However, intermittent training increases ghrelin, followed by reduce in the weight loss.


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The effect of intermittent training on ghrelin and leptin in overweight female students

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