The effect of plant date and density on the growth index of maize variety (ksc704) in tropical region of Kermanshah Province

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Research Paper 01/12/2014
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The effect of plant date and density on the growth index of maize variety (ksc704) in tropical region of Kermanshah Province

Siamak Eliaspour, Fatemeh Shirzadi, Farshad Zandian, Arezo Gholami
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.5( 6), 93-102, December 2014.
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In this test, the effect of four plant date, as main factor (23 Jun,3 July,13 July,24 July) and three plant density as sub-factor (67, 77, 87 thousands plant per hectare) investigated on commercial variety KSC 704 and with 12 attendances by designing the split plot in the tropical region of Kermanshah Province (Sare-e-pooleZahab). In this study, characters that investigated were: leaf area index, total dry weight, harvest index and grain yield. The results showed that different plant date and plant density had significant influences on weight and yield components of corn yield and corn gravest index. The maximum total dry weight was obtained during flowering. At this time, the plant had greatest leaf area, and then declined until physiological maturity. The relative growth rate in all treatments was high in the first of growth season, and then declined by the increasing of plant age. The most suitable of plant density for KSC 704 was about 77000 plants per hectare and date of 3 July that noncompetition between plants, sufficient light and nutrient availability, and finally obtained maximum grain yield. Most of the traits including biomass and grain yield was 30620 and 6986 kg/ha respectively, was awarded treatment of plant date (3 July) and plant density, 77 thousands plants per hectare.


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