The effect of sevin and malathion pesticides application on jews mallow (Corchorus olitorius L.) growth and soil

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Research Paper 01/01/2015
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The effect of sevin and malathion pesticides application on jews mallow (Corchorus olitorius L.) growth and soil

Mohamed Osman Gafar, Ayoub Zeyada Elhag, Mahmoud Ibrahim Yagi, Mohamed Osman Warrag
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.6( 1), 96-99, January 2015.
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This study was conducted at the College of Agricultural Studies, Sudan University of Science and Technology Farm to evaluate the residual effect of the recommended dose of Sevin, a carbamate insecticide, and Malathion, an organophosphate insecticide, on the growth of jews mallow and soil. Two doses of each insecticide (recommended 1.9kg/ha and higher 2.8kg/ha, respectively) in addition to a control without pesticide were used in two separate experiments. The experimental units were in completely randomized design with four replications. The parameters measured were (plant height, leaf area, root length and shoot fresh and dry weight) for jews mallow growth and pH, total nitrogen, extractable phosphorus and electric conductivity (Ece.) of the soil. The result showed that, the recommended dose of both pesticides (Sevin and Malathion) has significant positive effect on all growth parameters. The recommended dose gave the highest plants (72 and 76cm), leaf area (171.7and 220 cm2) and shoot fresh and dry weight (7.3, 2.2, 7.4 and 2.7g) compared to the control or the highest dose for Sevin and Malathion , respectively. The total nitrogen percentage was significantly affected by both pesticides. The soil pH and electric conductivity (Ece.) were not significantly affected.


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