The effectiveness of methadone maintenance treatment on personality disorders’ improvement of addict in prison

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Research Paper 01/05/2015
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The effectiveness of methadone maintenance treatment on personality disorders’ improvement of addict in prison

Amin Gheshlaghi, Abbas Shamsi, Seyed Reza Mir Mahdi, Hassan Heidari
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 5), 494-502, May 2015.
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The aim of present study was effectiveness of maintenance treatment of methadone on personality disorders’ improvement of addict people in prison of Golpayegan City in 2014. This study was conducted by semi-experimental method in pre-test and post-test on control group. Sample includes 30 prisoner who were addicted, and they divided into 2 groups by randomized sampling, experimental group (15 people) and control group (15 people). Experimental group was under treatment by methadone for 2 months, but control group wasn’t treated and was waiting for taking methadone. In order to collect data, it was used SCl90 questionnaire. Findings: it was shown that average of total score of mental health in experimental group was better than control group. And scores of paranoid thoughts, psychosis, obsessive – obligatory, interpersonal sensitivity in experimental group is better than control group, meaningfully. Conclusion: Maintenance treatment is used as one of the detoxification methods to release drugs and reduce damages to prisoners. Methadone usage decreases behavioral and personality disorders by changing life style and person thoughts.


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