The fertility of South Kalimantan buffalo spermatozoa after cold preservation and cryopreservation

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Research Paper 01/11/2020
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The fertility of South Kalimantan buffalo spermatozoa after cold preservation and cryopreservation

Muhammad Rizal, Muhammad Riyadhi, Nursyam Andi Syarifuddin, Muhammad Thahir
Int. J. Biosci.17( 5), 85-95, November 2020.
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Sugar palm juice can be an alternative extender of buffalo semen because it contains nutrients needed by spermatozoa during preservation. The objective of this study was to examine the fertility of South Kalimantan buffalo spermatozoa after the preservation and cryopreservation process.  Semen was collected by the artificial vagina. Fresh semen was divided into two tubes in equal volume and then diluted with sugar palm juice extender with a different composition. Semen in the first tube was diluted with 80% sugar palm juice + 20% egg yolk, and then stored in a refrigerator at 5ºC (chilled-semen) for three days. Semen in the second tube was diluted with 73% sugar palm juice + 20% egg yolk + 7% glycerol. Diluted-semen was loaded in a mini straw and then stored in a liquid nitrogen container (-196oC) for seven days. A total of 22 adult female buffaloes aged 3–5 years were selected as acceptors and estrous synchronization by PGF2α. Thirteen females were inseminated with chilled-semen, and nine females were inseminated with frozen semen The results of this study showed that motility of spermatozoa after preservation for three days was an average of 45.83% and 38.33% for frozen-thawed semen.  The percentage of pregnancy and birth for chilled-semen was 69.23% and 61.54%, higher than for frozen-thawed semen (66.67% and 55.55%), but there was no significant difference between treatment. It can be concluded that sugar palm juice is suitable as an alternative extender for South Kalimantan buffalo semen because it is able to maintain the quality and fertility of spermatozoa after preservation and cryopreservation.


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