The protective role of garlic oil against doxorubicin-induced hepatotoxicity in male mice

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Research Paper 05/04/2023
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The protective role of garlic oil against doxorubicin-induced hepatotoxicity in male mice

Abdallah M. Sliai, Gamal H. Abdel-Rahman
Int. J. Biosci.22( 4), 39-44, April 2023.
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Doxorubicin, also known as Adriamycin, is a highly effective antineoplastic agent, but it is well known for its oxidative damage to various body organs, such as hepatotoxicity. The present study aimed to investigate the possible protective role of the natural antioxidant garlic oil on Doxorubicin-induced liver toxicity. Studies were performed on four groups of mice. Control group, garlic oil group, doxorubicin group for seven doses, and doxorubicin plus garlic oil group. Histological examination of liver sections revealed that doxorubicin caused pathological changes in liver cells as well as the reduction in the liver nuclear area and nuclear volume. Administration of garlic oil plus doxorubicin showed a reduction in liver damage induced by DOX.


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