Touristic land area of ghalat (fars province)

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Research Paper 01/02/2015
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Touristic land area of ghalat (fars province)

Solmaz Izadi Ghalati
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 2), 434-438, February 2015.
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Ghalat Village is located in the north-west of Shiraz city (Fars Province, Iran). The beautiful scenery of the area include fountains and three falls like Fig Springs (Cheshmeh Anjiri), Ghezel Arsalan Castle, Pachenar of Ghalat, and Church of the Epiphany, Aghahm Pino Holy Shrine (Pirno), and recreation resort of Shab Shotori. Ghalat district is the most popular tourist attractions in Fars province. . On warm days of the year, it receives large numbers of our citizens, but lack of infrastructures, unpredictability of earning sources capacity for Dehyari (unit governing the village), pale monitoring of the condition of hygiene and lack of a practical and effective plan to prevent environmental degradation by tourists are among the considered problems. Ghalat may be a suitable place for investors in the field of tourism, spaces without destruction or damage to the natural environment appeal to the tourists in the region. Therefore, introducing the different geological potentials; and at the same time the protecting and effective utilizing of natural resources and its greatly high functionalities are essential so that for keeping this world heritage, based on the principles of sustainable development and the commitments of the present generation to the future generations, we take steps for the progress our country.


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