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Trend of groundwater quality change in two basins in North Lake Urmia (Case Study: Shabestarand Tasuj Plain)

Research Paper | December 1, 2017

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Mahnaz Ranjpishe, Majid Karimpour Rayhan, Gholamreza Zehtabian, Hassan Khosravi

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.11( 6), 1-8, December 2017


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Nowadays, water resources scarcity has become one of the most important issues in arid and semi-arid regions including Iran which makes it necessary to optimize the utilization of the limited resources. The present study investigates the changes in the quality of groundwater using geostatistical methods in the Shabestar and Tasuj plain during a 10-year period. In this study, after selecting the appropriate spatial interpolation method to draw water quality parameters such as Total dissolved solids, Sodium absorption ratio, Chlorine and Electrical conductivity, zoning maps of two plain were provided for three periods of time: the first period (2002-2005), an intermediate period (2006-2009) and the final period (2010-2012) using ArcGIS 10.1. The best model (simple kiriging) with the lowest estimated error was selected for zoning water quality parameter. Comparison of quality parameters of spatial zoning maps showed that the in Tasuj rate of TDS had an increasing trend in plain Southern boundaries (Lake Urmia adjoining) for a 10-year period, and also the rate of EC was developing in the core shape to the Southeast and Western Region But there were no significant changes in the region for SAR parameter. Also witness increasing trend of CL, SAR and EC in western and southern parts of the Shabestar basin, The Eastern part of the region located at unsuitable condition in terms of the above factors, so that water quality was poor in all three study periods. So, the factors had an increasing trend in plain Southern boundaries (Lake Urmia adjoining) in both basin


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Trend of groundwater quality change in two basins in North Lake Urmia (Case Study: Shabestarand Tasuj Plain)

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